The jury for The Phaistos Project—Forty-five Symbols was impressed by the quality and scope of projects submitted for the open call 22/23. Submissions came in from all over the globe, including South Africa, Norway, the United Kingdom, Germany, and the United States. Using sophisticated and ingenious methods, each participant translated their point of view into a narrative composed of forty-five black-and-white visuals.

This year’s winners took us on geographical and anthropological journeys both near and far—from the pathways in Central Park, New York and forty-five highway crossings across the globe to delving into the names of pioneer digital designers and exploring how children interpret their artwork. The jury’s selection process was guided by specific criteria, including the ability to translate topics into visuals, the depth of exploration of symbolic elements to convey a message or tell a story, the author’s systematic approach, and the uniqueness of the visual language.

The jury recognizes the amount of work invested into the submitted projects and greatly appreciates the diverse, thoughtful, and imaginative ideas received through the proposals.

Winning Project:
Instamorphs by Pedro Silva | Read the interview with Pedro

Winning Project:
Dialectic Dancescape by Lily Taggart | Read the interview with Lily

Winning Project:
Carbon Fingerprint by Vianey Diaz | Read the interview with Vianey

Special Mentions 2023

Holding On by Nicoletta Corbett
St-uh-teh-rrr by Kiara dos Reis
The Meaning Behind Kids’ Scribbles by Monique Smit
Amazonian Firepit by Marysia Kosacka
Our Sound Imprint by Abby Manchaca
Elemental Audiographs by Brendan Leask

Members of the Jury, Open Call 22/23:

Randa Abdel Baki
Associate Professor, Lebanese American University
Beirut, Lebanon

Olivier Arcioli
Program Director and Associate Professor of Graphic and Informationsdesign
New Design University in Austria

Annelie Franke
Associate Professor of Media Design
International University Campus Mainz

Pascal Glissmann
Associate Professor of Communication Design
Parsons School of Design New York

Andreas Henrich
Professor Emeritus, Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Germany

Mariko Takagi
Associate Professor at Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts
Department of Information and Media, Kyoto, Japan