Self Destruction
Group Project

Danielle Rouillard, Marcel Sadowski, Siane Power, Jessica Donner


In this ever changing world it is important that we stay present, that we do not get lost in the everyday happenings of our own lives and forget to look up, look around and then look within. In order to move forward, as individuals, as a society, as a world community, we have to be aware.

The message that we have chosen to embody in our 45 symbols is one of awareness. A state of awareness that we do not feel is realistically achieved by the majority of the world community. While it is common knowledge that there is global climate change in effect, a certain sense of denial amongst some and perhaps a removal of the self from the effects of such seem to prevail.

We have chosen to represent both the causes and effects of climate change on one sphere, many of which each person interacts with on a day-to-day basis. By doing so one is faced with accountability. The connections between individual actions and global events are exposed. It thus becomes evident that we are not merely isolated islands, but rather one body, living, breathing and acting together.

We aim to abolish this personal bubble and to connect individuals on a global scale, as one world community, facing the same challenge. We worked as a group of four, as we were all born and breed in Johannesburg. The members of our group are: Danielle Rouillard, Marcel Sadowski, Siane Power and Jessica Donner.

Marcel Sadowski

Marcel Sadowski is a digital designer from Johannesburg, South Africa. He is currently studying Multimedia Design at Greenside Design Center and specializes in UX/UI design and front-end web design. Clean lines and beautiful type define his style and he always tries to find the most efficient way to complete any task.

Danielle Rouillard

Danielle Rouillard is a digital designer from Johannesburg, South Africa and is currently studying Multimedia Design at Greenside Design Center. She creates minimalistic designs with small intricacies and elegant typography. Writing is a great love of hers and so is designing for a cause in the hopes that her design will contribute more to the world.

Jessica Donner

Jessica Donner is a Multimedia Designer from Johannesburg, South Africa. She received her B.A from Greenside Design Center in 2015. Shortly after graduating, she accepted a job at a social branding agency, helping companies build up their brands and advertise online. In addition to designing, Jessica is a dedicated aquariast and herptologist, dedicating most of her time to raising awareness around environmental issues across the globe.

Siané Power

Siané Power is a young sprightly multimedia designer and currently studying her honours in Visual Communication at Greenside Design Center. What she enjoy the most about what she does is illustration and motion graphics, she thinks that they are the bee’s knees and super fun to create. But in general, she feels passionate about the idea of using design as a tool to change the world for the better and hopes one day to achieve amazing things.