Flip Your Destiny
Thommen & Burkard

Flip Your Destiny

It is a tradition on New Year’s Eve to pour molten lead in cold water and tell someone’s fortune from the shapes. The various shapes have their own aesthetics. Although people have been doing this for centuries, the custom nowadays is more an act of fun, instead of faith; yet, in a way, it still has an impact on us. If someone is not happy with their prediction, one can always flip the mould and look at it from a different side, resulting in a completely different shape with a different meaning. The idea of our project is to take these zany predictions, myths and superstitions to their extremes. With our set of 45 symbols, we put the objects in a new and modern, but also exaggerated, context. Through a formal analysis of the figures, we want to find a way to bring the myth alive visually, interfere in its reading and bring its semantical meaning into focus. We found new names for the seen shapes and tried to look at them in a humorous manner.

Noemi Thommen & Ronja Burkard

Noemi Thommen and Ronja Burkard are highly motivated students of visual communication at the Academy of Art & Design, Basel. Noemi has a main focus on typography and editorial design, while Ronja chose her main focus on image. Both like to experiment and find the beauty in details. Discovering unique and simple ways to communicate is their main goal.