The Charm of Twist
Yukino Sasada

Artist Statement

Rich possibilities for movement and design lie in the turn of a screw. The same way this tiny piece of machinery is twisted to affix objects, the human body twists, and everyday objects twist, whether for exercise, beauty, or everyday routine. Some twist some artificially, others are man-made, and still others twist by nature.

It is in the re-shaping of an object—or the object’s material—that we create it’s renewed beauty and charm. Though we may not realize it, we swivel something almost every day, and if not, we are likely looking at spirals, circles, interweaved twists, warps, crumples, and rotating objects. The delight of a simple turning of the screw is more than functional—it is beautiful. Sampled here forty-five times, the visuals emphasize human fascination with things that curl, weave, and turn.

Yukino Sasada

Yukino Sasada lives in Osaka, Japan. She studies Graphic Design at University. Passionate about music, she has an obsession with analog recordings rather than digital mediums. Interested in creating objects both functional and beautiful, she enjoys creating bags and experimenting with the possibilities of silkscreen printing.


The first idea I came up with, was a screw. I was interested in the role of connecting and fixing something with a screw. However, during my investigation, I learned that beside the role of connecting and fixing things, there is also the action or motion of a screw. So, I learned about the various roles of screws, and included things that are related to the verb “to screw” instead of limiting it to the noun. I focused on the act of “twisting” and found that there were many other things that could twist. I decided to collect the twisting activities hidden in our daily life to create 45 symbols.