Haksar & Dolder


In our rapidly changing world, stress has become ever so invasive in our lives. Information overload, changes in technology, and social networking affect everything — our sleep patterns, our work habits, and our communication styles. The negative impact for our health and productivity is alarming. These 45 labyrinths invite us to establish sustainable practices in maintaining a resilient work-life balance. Traditionally, labyrinths feature a unicursal path, a single route with multiple turns but no dead-ends or false openings. Mazes, however, are created around multi-course paths including blind alleys. This project introduces forty-five hybrids of labyrinths & mazes and depicts them through their correct approach. Their titles reveal how much time a random test person needed to solve them. Labyrinths are about the journey as much as the destination. In that sense, they mirror the concept of our lives and remind us to not get lost in the noise and distraction of our everyday life. 

Sonya Haksar

Sonya Haksar is a student in her third year of Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Visual Communication at the Academy of Art & Design, Basel, Switzerland. She embraces the diverse practices of visual communication ranging from drawing and photography to generative processes. Sonya shapes her creative attitude and critical position through research-driven independent projects.

Lilian Dolder

Lilian is a graphic designer in her final year at the Academy of Art & Design, Basel. She combines the means of analog and digital practices to develop profound and surprising solutions to design problems.