LGBT in Taiwan — Aslin Yu-Heng Lin

Legalizing LGBT Relationships in Taiwan

The issue of legalizing gay marriage is extremely controversial in Taiwan. Multiple appeals, all in favor of LGBT rights, have been made to the Supreme Court to reinterpret Taiwan’s constitution.

These 45 symbols represent the existing diverse relationships in Taiwan; some of them include transgender couple, same-gender couple, and same-gender family with children. Through the restructuring of traditional Chinese characters, this project aims to promote LGBT rights within the bounds of traditional Chinese culture.

Aslin Yu-Heng Lin

Yu-Heng Lin is a Commercial Design student at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology in Taipei. She has always been fascinated by the fact that everything is designed in some way. This sparked her interest in art, advertising and graphic design, and eventually led her to the Commercial Design Program at NTUST. Now she spends her days perfecting design skills, focusing on packaging, web, brand identity and editorial design.