One can’t always judge the quality of a person by his/her appearance or gender. Every single human being is unique. We eat, sleep, play, develop and execute things differently. This makes us who we are and distinguishes us from one another, not simply by our gender alone. In the United States, there are an estimated 700,000 transgender adults. Everyday, they are striving to be comfortable in their own chosen gender identity. They desire for the freedom to be themselves without judgment or discrimination. These people are no different from us, we are all just simply human beings.

With the idea of “we are all the same but also, we are all different,” I chose snowflakes to symbolize the uniqueness of human beings. Snow might all look the same to the naked eye, but under the microscope every snowflake is unique. With these 45 symbols, I want everyone to understand and celebrate the beauty of individuality, the beauty of being who we want to be.

Thi Tran

Thi Tran is originally form Vietnam, and moved to the United States when she was thirteen. She’s currently studying graphic design in University of Houston. Creating these 45 symbols have gave her so much joy and knowledge, and for her, this project does not stop at the 45th symbol. She is still going to continue creating snowflakes for people around her, because the celebration of individuality and being who we want to be should not be stopped.