It’s gold, black, and neon. And it is out now: FORTY FIVE SYMBOLS magazine #6 showcases selected entries of the open call 18/19. The jury was overwhelmed with the quality and scope of projects for the open call 18/19. Submissions came in from all over the globe, including Taiwan, Switzerland, Lebanon, Germany and the United States. Using sophisticated and ingenious methods, each participant translated their point of view into a narrative composed of 45 black-and-white visuals. This year’s winners took us on geo-journeys near and far — from the streets of Lebanon to 45 international airports, spanning the intimate worlds of our smartphones and keyboards all the way to the scrap particles and satellites orbiting the earth. The selection process of the jury was driven by the following criteria: Ability to translate topics into visuals; Overall level of exploration of the symbolic elements to deliver a message or tell a story; Systematic approach; and Uniqueness of the visual language

The magazine will soon be available via Slanted. Please send us an email or subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates. The open call 2020 is accepting entries until May 1, 2020.

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