The day cracks and blows up, spits us out
Pink and slimy, then chews us up
All over again tomorrow.
Can you still see us?
You are with us.
Once gum is made, it is gum forever—


Inspired by: Patricia Grabowicz’s 2018 project, Chews a character. In her 45 symbols, the designer aims to show—through discarded pieces of chewing gum!—that how someone chews says a lot about their character.

Symbol: #11 of 45

Poetic Form: With a project focused on the act of chewing, I thought I’d pick a form of oral poetry. Lyric poems are short and song-like—they often rhyme, and were typically meant to be spoken aloud or sung. They express the speaker’s private feelings, and as such are strongly emotional.

Process: I did a little research on chewing gum and was horrified to learn it is not biodegradable—it never breaks down! This is terrible for the environment, yet a strong, odd metaphor for eternal love. The title and the 6th line of my poem are found language—both lifted from SEO-optimized articles on chewing gum!

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