there is no
snowflake like
snowflake but
they scatter
light of dreams
that blink like
disco balls


Inspired by: Thi Tran’s 2016 project, Uniqueness. The Vietnamese-born designer uses the 45 snowflakes in her set to symbolize the uniqueness of human beings and, as she so beautifully describes it, to celebrate “the beauty of being who we want to be.”

Symbol: #39 of 45

Poetic Form: To honor the designer’s cultural heritage, I wanted to use a form written by Vietnamese poets. Traditional Vietnamese poems are often in the styles of classical Chinese forms from the Tang dynasty—all structured by a certain number of syllables per line. A smaller number seemed the most challenging, so I went with 3-syllable lines.

Process: The language used to describe snow and its properties is so rich—and it’s the perfect time of the year to write about it! I learned that some snowflakes we see are often aggregates of multiple flakes—together they can make flakes up to 3-4 inches! With this in mind, I wanted to focus on the idea that while each of us is unique, we have the potential to be stronger together. And when I read that snow is clear but appears white due to light scattering off each flake’s crystal facets, I immediately thought of disco balls! Funny how dancing is also something that celebrates individuality but brings us all together.

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