In celebration of our global community and in the spirit of cross-disciplinary collaboration, we are thrilled to be kicking off the Writer in Residency program in September 2019. As the 45 symbols are theorized to be textual representations, asking writers respond to visual narratives created by the participants in The Phaistos Project is a fun twist on an old disc!

Writers are given free rein on the shape, form and tone of the work they produce during the Residency, and are asked to follow only three guidelines

1. Their responses must be text only;
2. Their work must be inspired by the projects in our archives (more than 100 created by students all over the world over five years), and
3. Their creative responses must be short!

Each “micropublication” will be shared on our social media channels. We’ll post them here on the website, and you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook to catch them hot off the presses.

For more information about the Writer in Residency Program, get in touch.


2019: Pune Dracker
Our first writer in residence is amazing Pune Dracker. She edits, runs and dances in New York City, and is a 2020 MFA candidate studying Nonfiction/Poetry at The New School. She was intrigued when she first heard of The Phaistos Project, as she had studied abroad in Greece while an undergraduate. One of the highlights of her semester was a trip to the site where the Phaistos Disc was found, and she fell in love with the Minoans, the ancient civilization in Crete that history recorded as the “society of flower lovers.” She believes all art is collaboration, and is honored to interact with the work of designers from all over the world.

Pune Dracker’s Residency Page