Pune Dracker


Pune Dracker is a 2020 MFA candidate studying Nonfiction/Poetry at The New School. She was intrigued when she first heard of The Phaistos Project, as she had studied abroad in Greece while an undergraduate. One of the semester’s highlights was a trip to the site where the Phaistos Disc was found, and she fell in love with the Minoans, the ancient civilization in Crete that history recorded as the “society of flower lovers.” Pune has had a long career writing and editing for the animal welfare world, and is a long-distance runner, jazz funk dancer and exceptionally messy vegan baker.

Writer’s Statement
People often say that writing is a solitary, lonely act, but I never feel alone when I write. I bring along other writers who’ve inspired me, and other artists, too—whomever, whatever, is inspiring the particular piece. As the Phaistos Project’s Writer in Residence, to get to produce work that’s in conversation with visual artists is very exciting to me. And that they’re artists from all over the world, working on a shared project, is icing on the cake!

Selected Publications and Social Media Projects

Barrow Street, 4X2Project, 2 poems
“Twelve Letters to Jerome Robbins”

Pune Dracker
Resident 2019
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For Yinglong
week 1
found within
your guts were

Are you in the mood for something delicious?
Take your 8 million and your Twinkie defense–
With all your dirty money