Are you in the mood for something delicious?
Take your 8 million and your Twinkie defense

With all your dirty money
You can buy almost 1 million 10 thousand

Yummy artificially flavored crème-filled
chocolate-flavored snack cakes.

Build the walls of your arteries with guar gum,
Undear Mr. President


Inspired by: Julio Aguirre’s Dos Mundos, 2018 winner, which successfully translates Mexico’s culture, history, and traditions—old and new—in 45 symbols

Symbol: #11 of 45

Poetic Form: I chose to explore the silva, a form used in traditional Spanish poetry, which consists of any number of lines and any number of couplets, but they must have 7 or 11 syllables each. Traditionally, half or more of the lines in a silva should rhyme, but mine do not.

Process: It was hard to decide on one symbol—they are all aesthetically compelling and have such rich and surprising stories behind them—but I love animals so was attracted to #11. When I learned the image referenced Gansitos, a popular Mexican snack cake similar to Twinkies, I was hooked. This piece includes text printed on a carton of Gansitos and facts associated with the “Trump wall.”

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