Winner 17/18: AI Generated Language — Isaac Sanchez

Winner 17/18 — Jury Statement:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have become ubiquitous in our everyday lives. But we know we are only seeing the beginning of how powerful algorithms will change the way we work, live, and potentially think. As the current debates rages on the ethics of AI and how to teach machines with un-biased training sets, the designer Isaac Sanchez looks two steps ahead and speculates how machines will communicate with each other once they have surpassed the intelligence of humankind. In his proposal, their language is still accessible to humans. Obviously, machines communicate through the exchange of electronic signals, and in a dystopian world, there will be no need for them to use visual language that could be understood by any human being. Sanchez takes us on a journey into the future, where machines can travel through the earth’s orbit to find energy, and his work makes us wonder: What role will humankind play? Can we learn from a future vision to make the right decisions today? Sanchez succeeds in developing a visual system based on digital primitives, geometric shapes, and pixel-like structures to address simple concepts to complex issues. His approach is coherent yet playful through the combination of syntactic rules and targeted aesthetic interventions. He creates a clean and yet intriguing notation system based on simple forms that remind of the subtle aesthetics that informed the development of Latin script and its proportions more than 2,000 years ago.

AI Generated Language

Project description by the author
Today, artificial intelligence is applied within many professional disciplines, despite still being in its infancy. Unlike past innovations in machines that mindlessly fulfilled repetitive tasks, today’s robots are equipped with machine learning, which is adaptive and can change course in order to achieve a desired outcome—in some cases, even generating its own language. The technology is being pursued with the expectation that AI will one day be fully integrated within our lives, but with the knowledge that one day AI may well surpass us in both complexity and intelligence. This concept comprises 45 symbols for AIs to communicate with each other and the accompanying civilization. It is a directory of terminology re-imagined to suit transmitting AIs. The imaginary system of symbols is ready to be used in an advanced civilization deep into the future that might entirely depend on successful communication between AIs. This civilization has moved past inhabiting a natural planetary body and even expanded into the depths of space in search of energy sources.

Isaac Sanchez

Isaac Sanchez is a graphic designer and a Houstonian through and though. Creativity runs in his family and is manifested in different ways. His first attempt at design was when he got a hold of the Adobe Creative Suite in middle school. From then on Graphic design became his creative outlet as he did pro bono work for family and friends. His current interest are brand identity development, motion graphics, and compositing. He will graduate the University of Houston Graphic Design Program in the spring of 2018.